Stopping Smoking

Help me to stop smoking. How to stop smoking?

How do I stop smoking? Stop smoking Brighton.

I have 10 years experience of successfully helping people to stop smoking using tried and trusted methods! Read what some of them say: click here.

YOU too could be like them and celebrate being a contented and satisfied non smoker!

I can help you to change your mind, both consciously and subconsciously, about smoking, free you of your addiction to nicotine and help you focus on the benefits of stopping, so that you:
  • No longer crave cigarettes
  • Start thinking like a non-smoker
  • Enjoy the thought of a healthier future
Combining my experience and the best methods available I will create for you an individual and personalised treatment programme.

In 3 one hour sessions you can become a contented non-smoker OR try my Stop Smoking Breakthrough Session and stop smoking in 90 minutes.

Call or email me to chat with you about your individual stopping smoking circumstances and discover what treatment suits you best. Martin 07766 236600

  • Stop Smoking for Life Programme £149
  • Stop Smoking 90 Minute Breakthrough Session £75

"I have stopped smoking for 5 years now. I was very sceptical. But I had tried everything else and you helped my friend stop smoking too. So I thought why not me. I am pleased to say I am still a smoke free zone." David, Brighton and Hove.


"I was very sceptical. But I had tried everything else And you helped my friend stop smoking. So I thought why not me .I struggle a bit sometimes but I am still a smoke free zone." David, Brighton and Hove.

BP from Hove says "It was stopping smoking with you that gave me the trust and confidence to let you help me with my panic and depression too. I am a whole lot better. I will say in touch."

Try my 90 minute breakthrough session!

It’s easy to stop with Hypnosis!

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You will be so glad you did!


Franny Skeeles from Brighton says "I came to Martin six years ago in desperation, as having been diagnosed with Angina, giving up smoking was crucial for my health, but I was still unable to give up by willpower alone! He is a very calm and focussed person, and inspired me to feel that Yes! I could stop smoking! We had three sessions, backed up by a recording, which I played at bedtime each night...and , literally, overnight I had no desire to smoke! I have been smoke free since then, for which I am eternally grateful!! I recommend him daily to friends who want to kick the habit. From the first treatment I have been able to sit with smokers, and have no desire to smoke myself. I wholeheartedly recommend Martin as a gifted hypnotherapist! I had tried to quit so many times before, and he made the whole thing easy! Best Wishes for a smoke free future."


"Hey Martin. It’s 7 years now since you helped me stop smoking. Can you believe it? Because I still can’t. Thank you SO much." Jenny, Brighton.


"I am still not sure what you did or how you did it, but I haven’t touched a cigarette since. And the best thing is I don’t even think about them anymore. Over 2 years now. I will always be grateful you clever man!" Paul Shaw, London


"Martin, as you know I tried everything to stop smoking before I saw you. Zyban, the Nicorette patches. Even hypnosis. The one session I had with you did it. I do still think about cigarettes but not in the same way. Oh and by the way, I still notice the colour red if I feel I am weakening!" Paula, Hurstpierpoint


"I wouldn’t say that stopping smoking was the easiest thing I have ever done but my goodness it smoothed the whole process out." John. M. Portslade


"Your ‘Stop smoking for Life’ programme was brilliant. I know that you say it was the hypnosis but I still believe it was those things you had me doing the week before I stopped that really did it! Who knows! All I do know is that it worked. So wonderful to be free from a habit that I endured for over 20 years .And now you have helped my friend too. I am so happy to endorse you and what you do." Monica, Brunswick Square


James. D. of London says "On the 30th of this month it will be 2 years since I stopped (smoking) with you Martin. It has been my achievement, with hard work, but I am very aware that in those ’do or die moments ’ , what you did ,made the difference. I’m so glad that I made the investment for my health...and self esteem."


"My 2 hour session with you finally put an end to my smoking. I knew it was the right time for me to stop and I actually enjoyed the hypnosis. So calm and relaxing. I didn’t want to come back up." Liz, Hove


”Thank you for adapting your programme so that my partner and I could stop smoking together. Combining our individual and joint goals has worked really well for us“. Chris and Tim, Brighton.