Confidence and self esteem. Brighton.

How to be confident and improve your self confidence and self esteem.

Feel better about yourself than ever before! See yourself producing better results and feeling more fulfilled in your work, your relationships and your life.

Confidence and self-esteem can be affected by any number of things, like an event or experience, or perhaps the way we are treated by others. We can get into a pattern of negative thinking which can lead to stress, anxiety or depression or anger and frustration or relationship problems including jealousy and insecurity. Other common areas where we need a confidence and self esteem boost are:
  • Pre test nerves
  • Exam pressures
  • Meeting a partner
  • Job interviews
  • Public speaking
  • Presentations
  • Driving test nerves
  • One-off stress situations
  • Stage fright
  • Social phobia/social anxiety
  • Fear of rejection
  • Commitment phobia
  • Fear of driving
  • Fears and phobias

Help is at hand to boost your self esteem and confidence
For 10 years in my Brighton based practice, I have perfected great techniques and helped many people to cultivate and improve self confidence and self esteem quickly, easily and with long lasting results:
  • It helps to stop negative thinking produce much more positive ‘self talk’ and positive thinking
  • You can start to develop new and exciting beliefs.
  • Your self confidence can improve.
  • Your self esteem can improve
  • It helps you imagine and prepare for a more confident future.
  • Your goals will be clearer and easier to achieve.

My ‘Turn your life around in 6 weeks programme’ has also been very effective in boosting self confidence and self esteem. Call or email me to discuss your particular needs and discover what treatment(s) suit you best. Martin 07766 236600 or

Contact me now to discuss your specific condition and I will outline a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs. I will give an estimation of how many sessions you may need and the cost. I offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation in person, by phone or email.


"Working with you Martin was like gaining an unfair advantage. I am much more confident and at ease in my work-life. And this has crossed over into my personal life too." M. S (Amex)

"Thank you for all the help you gave me so that I could get up in front of all of those people and give that speech. We both really enjoyed our special day." J.N. London


Ron from Hove says "You will recall how lacking in confidence I was following my redundancy. The hypnosis , as well as lots of practical tips, helped me to get back into the job market. In a strange way I am glad it happened now as I am enjoying my life more, happily riding out the credit crunch."


"Thank you Martin for boosting my courage and confidence to come off my anti-depressants after 5 years. Even my G.P was surprised." M.B. Hove


"The presentation went really well. I am almost looking forward to the next one." Paul. S.


"I just don’t worry about stuff in the same way. I just get on with what I have to do. Lots of people have said how much more confident I am. I am not sharing my ‘anchor’ with anyone. It’s my secret." M. London


Donna Southern says "I had been struggling for years, possibly since birth, with low self-esteem issues. With your help and apparent ease, I began to overcome them. I am fortunate to have found you."

"I must say I was sceptical at the start. But my best friend came along to see you and I noticed a great improvement in her very quickly. I realised how low my self-esteem was too. I thought, well I’m having some of that. I like myself more now and don’t put myself down as much." Barrie. D


"I am pleased to report that I am continuing to go from strength to strength, after all those years of not feeling good enough. How good it feels being free from my past and looking forward to the future with confidence." M.T.Hove


Gillian for Bexhill says “My only regret is I didn’t find you, Hypnotherapy and NLP sooner. I am coming back soon for more”.


"Improving my self- esteem and releasing my creativity have given me a new lease of life." Gemma.