Credit crunch and double dip recession issues.

Help with change.

Managing change.

Many of my recent clients have been affected by the changes in the economic conditions. Often quite dramatically in terms of redundancy, early retirement, reduced circumstances forcing a home move or drastic cuts to budgets and lifestyles .Others have been badly hit by cuts in interest rates on savings and have had to revise retirement goals etc. Many more have had to make big changes like stopping smoking, controlling excessive gambling or shopping, and other costly addictions and ‘feel good factors’. So, all change, with some people responding better than others to a change in their lives and circumstances.

Hypnotherapy is wonderful because it is so versatile and can be easily adapted to help and provide tailor made solutions, whatever the problem happens to be. Look too at my ‘turn your life around in 6 weeks programme’.
  • Hypnotherapy can help you embrace change come up with creative solutions.
  • You can reduce stress and anxiety in these changing times.
  • It helps to improve confidence and enhances positive thoughts.
  • It will help to visualise future success and helps you achieve your goals.
Contact me now to discuss your specific condition and I will outline a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs. I will give an estimation of how many sessions you may need and the cost. I offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation in person, by phone or email.


"Ron from Hove says "You will recall how lacking in confidence I was following my redundancy. The hypnosis , as well as lots of practical tips, helped me to get back into the job market. In a strange way I am glad it happened now as I am enjoying my life more, happily riding out the credit crunch."

“Our sessions helped me to adjust to our dramatic change in circumstances in these turbulent economic times. No one knows what is round the corner. We are more grateful for what we do have now." Fran, Brighton.


“I am starting to look beyond what has happened and embrace our new future with confidence. Thank you for all you did." Darren. S, Hove


”My life had already been turned around before I did your ‘turn your life around programme. Who would have thought I would have had to re-invent myself at my age! But with your help I did. Many of my old fears and worries have gone and I live so much more for the day. It was money very well spent.


Following my redundancy I had trouble with low moods and coping with long, uneventful days. Thank you for giving me the push I needed to get out there again and meet people. Also for all of those networking tips. I am now volunteering and getting fit too. Life goes on.


”My spending was out of control. I was moving debt from one card to another. I also started lying to my husband and family. Thank you for helping me to uncover what my underlying problems were. And for the practical solutions you offered too." G.


”Shopaholic! That was me. Totally out of control . I still like nice things but I don’t feel as compelled to buy them. I sometimes have money left over at the end of the month now." Sonia. T.


Jason, 32, Marketing Exec. "Yesterday was one year to the day I stopped smoking with your help. I feel better and have saved a fortune!"