Relationship Problems

Relationship help with hypnosis

Do you want to improve your current relationship or find success in a new one?

Often, our relationships do not run as smoothly as we would wish and problems can arise, some examples are:
- Relationship issues with common problems in marriage or partnerships
- Disharmony and arguments in families
- Problems with friends or work colleagues or even your boss!
- Fears and problems associated with dating
- Difficulty in forming new relationships and moving on or letting go of past relationships

How to improve your relationship using hypnosis

For 10 years I have been helping people to improve their relationships. So whether you are seeking help with relationship problems or looking to build successful new ones, hypnotherapy and hypnosis can help in many ways:
- Learn effective techniques to relax and be calm around others
- Develop greater self belief and positive thinking, leading to a new confidence in yourself and your ability to have successful relationships
- Re experience past memories in a more positive way and gain a new perspective
- Learn creative visualisation techniques to imagine a positive future enjoying successful relationships

Contact me now to discuss your specific condition and I will outline a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs. I will give an estimation of how many sessions you may need and the cost. I offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation in person, by phone or email.


"Thanks Martin for helping me gain the confidence to visit a dentist after putting it off for years. I am now pain fee and have even booked a check up." Valerie. Hangleton.

"I would be lying if I said that I enjoyed flying but I have flown several times now and each time it gets easier. The breathing technique you taught me has been invaluable." R.F. Brighton


"Hi Martin. You saw me the day I was due to fly off on my big trip. I still don’t know where my fear of flying came from but it just started up and then got really bad. Well I want you to know that I was fine and used the breathing technique as you showed me etc. On one of the flights I even helped a nervous fellow passenger to calm down. It has really worked for me so thanks again." Nick Bolton. London.


"I still don’t like spiders but I can calmly dispose of one now should the need arise. I still laugh at the time you had me imagine those dancing spiders with tutu’s on." S.E. Hove


"After a couple of sessions with you I can now travel on trains and the underground without having the dreadful thoughts that something bad will happen." L. M