Motivation and Goals

Hypnosis for Procrastination

Do you have a goal that you started with excitement and energy only to find that your optimism and motivation faded away?

Do negative thinking and procrastination block you every time?

Do you lack direction and sense of purpose?

Then you need to get motivated! Or you can be certain that you will not become successful. It does not matter how much you want success- unless you actually do something about, nothing will change!

If motivation seems difficult then examine your goals. I can help you with this. Incorporate your values and practical timescales. Test your goals out! Looking at them and thinking about how your life will be when you achieve them, should be sufficient to get you fired up. If this does not happen then either the ingredients are wrong or you don’t believe that you can achieve them.

For 10 years now I have been helping people to successfully reach their goals! From improving that golf swing to writing that blog, getting that dream job to starting a new life, being more creative or beating the blues. The possibilities are endless!

Hypnotherapy and guided suggestions can help improve your confidence and motivate you to achieve success.

Hypnosis can help you to discover ways to change old habits, improve behaviours and create an external environment to implement your goals.

Hypnotherapy can help you to discover your inner resources and competencies in order to continue to execute and accomplish your goal.

Hypnosis can help by boosting courage, enthusiasm and positive mental attitude so that you can continue the steps to action.

Hypnosis to beat/defeat procrastination/putting things off helps bring about more positive thinking.

Contact me now to discuss your specific condition and I will outline a personalised treatment plan to suit your needs. I will give an estimation of how many sessions you may need and the cost. I offer a free, no obligation, initial consultation in person, by phone or email.


”My spending was out of control. I was moving debt from one card to another. I also started lying to my husband and family. Thank you for helping me to uncover what my underlying problems were. And for the practical solutions you offered too." G.

”Shopaholic! That was me. Totally out of control . I still like nice things but I don’t feel as compelled to buy them. I sometimes have money left over at the end of the month now." Sonia. T.


”My drinking had been gradually getting out of control for years. Along with my counsellor , the hypnotherapy got me to a point where I could feel comfortable and relaxed without needing to have a drink.” G. M. Hove


”I was kidding myself that my ‘recreational drugs’ were just that! It just kind of crept up on me. The slippery slope. With you I gained the confidence to know that I could manage without them." B.E.


”The on-line gambling had slowly become a gradual obsession. I was sucked in. Now I go out and see people and enjoy life. I am so glad to be free of it" Ben. T


“I felt very silly coming to with my diet coke and aspartame problem. Together though, we nailed it.” Lydia. L


"Hey Martin. It’s 7 years now since you helped me stop smoking. Can you believe it? Because I still can’t. Thank you SO much." Jenny, Brighton.


"I am still not sure what you did or how you did it, but I haven’t touched a cigarette since. And the best thing is I don’t even think about them anymore. Over 2 years now. I will always be grateful you clever man!" Paul Shaw, London


"You helped me to realise how my obsession with food and the ‘binging’ was related to what had happened to me in the past. Helping me to let that go made it so much easier to stick to the healthy eating plan. I feel so much better about myself. It took us a while, but we got there. Cheers Martin." P. S. B.