Terrific Top 10 Treatments!

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Try one or more of these popular NEW Supercharged Treatments to give you a boost & give you a 'Taster' of the results you can expect. These are great for people wanting to try a 'one off' hypnotherapy session.

Which will you choose?

1. Dynamic De-stress
2. Mega Motivator
3. Energy Booster
4. Confidence Supercharge
5. Creative Block Zapper
6. Cravings buster
7. Beat the Blues
8. Anger Release
9. Blissful Sleep
10. Find your Soul mate

Treatments are personalised, relaxing and boost your self-esteem and wellbeing too!

Have 60 or 90 minutes at £49/£65.

Multiple discounts available. 50% off follow-ups. Great Gifts too!

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